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County Employment Notices





Location: Mentone/Wink, Texas

Salary Range: $70,222 to $85,451.46 Option #A Full time 12 months.

Salary Range: $51,902 to $64,088.55 Option #B School year 9 months.

Uniform and Equipment: You must furnish your own duty weapons, duty belt/equipment, and duty uniforms. Equipment for police vehicle will be furnished by the Sheriff's Office. County provided ammunition.

Deputy Vehicle: The County will provide a patrol vehicle while on duty.

Insurance: Loving County employees are covered by Blue Cross/ Blue Shield for major medical, hospitalization, and dental insurance. 

Retirement: Loving County is a member of the Texas County District Retirement System (TCDRS).  Employee/Employer supported retirement begins at the date of employment. An employee contributes seven percent (7%) of their monthly wages to TCDRS. Loving County then matches the employee contribution 2.5 to 1 upon retirement.  Employees are eligible to retire after 20 years of service. Retirement becomes vested after 8 years of participation in TCDRS. 

Vacation/Holidays: Upon completion of one (1) full year of consecutive service, employees shall be entitled to ten (10) regular working days and four (4) personal days of annual leave per year. Employees are also given seventeen (17) holidays per year.

Sick Leave: Employees accrue twelve (12) days of sick leave for each year of service. 



The School Resource Deputy supports and facilitates the educational process within the Wink/Loving Independent School District by providing a safe and secure environment through building and establishing meaningful relationships with students and staff and proactively interacting with school community to ensure the enforcement of city and state laws, preservation of public order, protection of life and the prevention, detection, or investigation of crime. The incumbent will work effectively with students, parents, school personnel and community agencies to support teaching and learning in the schools. The School Resource Deputy will patrol district property resulting from criminal activity.



Certification as a Peace Officer must be completed prior to making application. *Age 21 or older* Normal hearing corrected or uncorrected with uncorrected hearing loss not to exceed moderate. You must possess a valid Texas driver's license at the time of employment. No felony convictions, history of criminal or improper conduct, or poor driving record, which may affect the suitability for law enforcement work. If prior military service, an applicant must have an honorable discharge. Must meet all conditions required to obtain TCOLE Basic Peace Officer Certification. Must pass a background investigation.

 Work Experience: A minimum of 3 - 5 years of work experience in law enforcement in a traditional law enforcement agency AND school environment required. Ability to work with youth and adults in the school setting.

 Knowledge & Skills: Must be able to work

flexible hours, evenings and staggered shifts, holidays and weekends and/or in emergency situations and to direct traffic/pedestrians crossing busy streets around school or on school grounds when necessary; ability to investigate suspicious circumstances, persons, vehicle, etc.

Required to work overtime including evenings, weekends and athletic events as assigned to provide maximum security coverage; must be able to work in inclement weather and be able to walk, run, climb, crawl or sit for extended periods of time.

Must be able to demonstrate the ability to apply critical thinking skills in rendering solutions to various issues that arise in the schools; must be able to effectively communicate with both public and school personnel; extensive communications (verbal and written) with students, staff and internal/external stakeholders is required; will be responsible for managing behavior of victims, witnesses and others when handling or responding to incidents; requires the use of sound judgment; ability to work with youth and adults; ability to teach min- courses to youth and adults.

Required proficiency in Microsoft Office, Outlook, and other office equipment such as incident reporting software, fax, copiers, and scanners.

Knowledge of Texas Criminal and Traffic Statutes, Criminal Procedures, Juvenile Law and court proceedings.

Must not have any open internal affairs investigations. Must pass criminal history and background investigation, psychological and agility test.


  1. Respond to calls for services throughout the Wink/Loving School District during the school year and works as a Patrol Deputy with calls for service throughout Loving County during summer time.
  2. Work closely with the principals and staff of the school to foster a better understanding of the law enforcement function to maintain a secure learning environment. Proactively work with the school's leadership team and collaborate with school's administrative team on safety protocols and procedures.
  3. Serve as a visible and active law enforcement officer on campus dealing with law related areas such as drugs, traffic, trespassing, fighting, and thefts. Enforce campus rules and regulations.
  4. Conduct routine patrols of assigned facilities to include buildings, parking lots, and district owned, leased, or rented property; Operates district equipment to include alarm systems, surveillance equipment when necessary.
  5. Take law enforcement action to protect against unwanted intruders. Identify and prevent delinquent behavior, including substance abuse. Make arrest only when necessary to protect students, staff and school property.
  6. Work collaboratively with public safety agencies to serve as a liaison between school and community to deter criminal and delinquent behavior.
  7. Conduct courses and workshops for students, staff and parents to promote social awareness, relationship skills, self-management, self- awareness and responsible decision making.
  8. Coordinate security for crowd and vehicle control at extra-curricular activities and special events. Monitor and instruct students, visitors, and district personnel on proper and lawful campus or facility behavior. Help to define and maintain a respectful code of conduct.
  9. Assist other law enforcement agencies with incidents involving local criminal activity that may impact the safety of the environment for students and staff. Serve as the initial first responder and school safety coordinator for campus emergencies.
  10. Respond to calls on crime against person or property in progress, report crimes that have already occurred, and intrusion/fire alarms; perform preliminary investigation at the scene (gather and preserve evidence, take statements). Prepare written reports, maintain daily logs, and obtain and serve arrest and search warrants as necessary; testify in court as required.


  1. Subdue offenders and criminals by using the minimum amount of force needed to protect the officer and other persons.
  2. Provide classroom presentations on crime prevention and fundamental concepts and structure of the law. Teach law related education, de-escalation techniques, and conflict resolution to students and staff.
  3. Conduct security building assessments for school; guard, check and secure doors, rooms, buildings and equipment.
  4. Provide instructions and directions to others as it pertains to law enforcement situations.
  5. Perform other duties as assigned by appropriate supervisory personnel and school administrators.


Ability to walk, run, climb, crawl or sit for extended periods of time. Work in inclement weather. Overtime work including evenings, weekends and athletic events as assigned to provide maximum security coverage is required. Incumbent may spend extended periods of time patrolling and investigating crimes on school property, both in vehicle and on foot. Incumbent may be required to physically restrain parties involved in a conflict. In extreme cases, incumbent may be exposed to violent and /or armed confrontations.  The work environment characteristics are representative of those a peace officer encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. This position has been identified with possible risk to exposure of blood borne pathogens and/or other various hazards that require immunization against such exposures.

This job description does not constitute an employment agreement between the employer and employee and is subject to change by the employer as the needs of the employer and requirements of the job change. The employee further understands, and accepts, that this position falls under the provision of an "AT WILL" employment, and under no circumstances is this a contract for employment.



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